Anito Legends v1.0.4: Tore ni Kan-Laon, Black Pearls Economy Rework, and more!

Hey AnitoFam, get ready for our biggest update since Play & Earn early this year! We promised a huge rework to the economy! We promised new game modes! We promised new crafting mechanics! We’re dropping all of this later after our AM server maintenance.

This is going to be long so let’s get started!

Tore ni Kan-Laon!

Bring your best Anito Team and traverse this treacherous tower for priceless rewards and in-game items!

One tower, FORTY challenging floors! Can you make it to the top and defeat the new Boss, Amoanga?

  • Unlocked at Player Level 17
  • Double Perlas and XP rewards
  • Seasonal Blueprint drops
  • Anting-anting drop (counted separately from daily limit!)
  • Epic and Legendary Chest drops
  • Tore ni Kan-Laon tickets are available at Nino’s Shop.

Yarr! Black Pearls are now available!

Say goodbye to gas fees, AnitoFam! ‘Black Pearls’ is the new in-game currency in the Land of Lupa which can be used to acquire valuable items like the Anting-anting, Summoning Stones and more!

New Cosmic Equipment!

Beginning with Cosmic Equipment, if worn as a complete set, Anitos will gain extra abilities or stats. Set means 1 weapon + 1 shoulder armor + 1 body armor.

  • Hinumbian’s Blade: Short weapon, ATK 5-7, WEIGHT 180, if worn as part of a set, gain +5 ATK
  • Gaygayoma’s Sceptre: Staff, ATK 4, WEIGHT 180, if worn as part of a set, gain +5 ATK, ULT: Mend all
  • Angngalo’s Burgen: Shoulder Armor, ATK 1, DEF 1-3, HP 2, WEIGHT 150, if worn as part of a set, gain resistance to all status effects
  • Angngalo’s Strength: Body Armor, ATK 2, DEF 3-5, HP 2, WEIGHT 160, if worn as part of a set, gain +5 DEF and +5 HP
  • Giant Killer: Charm, if worn, Anito gets +100% Damage during Raid Battle

New Legendary crafting mats!

  • Balete Sap
  • Berbania’s Ashes
  • Tala’s Tear
  • Gimoku-dan Grain
  • Lagim Crystal (will be used later on for crafting Lagim Equipment)
  • Lagim Seed (will be used later on for crafting Lagim Equipment)

Huge Dapp Updates!

  • Black Pearls now available for purchase. You may use $LARO or $GINTO to purchase your desired bundle
  • All consumable items will now use Black Pearls. From Convenience items, Tickets and Summoning related stones. Goodbye Gas Fees!
  • Player name change is now available! Buy a Name Change potion in the store then go to your profile and change your name
  • Anito Market listings will have individual URLs. You can now freely share your listing with a unique URL for easier shilling

Miscellaneous QoL improvements

  • Moved Fannie K Lobby placement
  • Added daily Anting-Anting badges to player avatar
  • Added screen shake for Duende class ability Explode
  • Added “resist” text for status effect resist triggers
  • Misc bug fixes (thank you for reporting!)
  • Minor optimizations

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