New Economy Part II: Perlas Exchange, Anting-Anting Limits

Hello AnitoFam,

On Wednesday, April 5 2023, we will be deploying two new optimizations to the in-game economy.

Just to recap, we started the new economy revamp in February by focusing on $LARO as the true governance token. A few weeks later, we went even further by introducing Black Pearls, an off-chain solution to mitigate gas fees for players. This Wednesday we will be introducing a revamp to the Anting-Anting and Perlas Exchange.


After the update, players will be able to use a maximum of 10 Anting-Anting per day per transaction, where one Anting-Anting equals player level in $GINTO.

For instance, a level 20 player with 10 Anting-Anting can transfer a maximum of 200 $GINTO in one day. A level 40 player with 10 Anting-Anting can transfer 400 $GINTO in one day. A level 30 player with 5 Anting-Anting can transfer 150 $GINTO on that day. This change is being implemented to mitigate gas fees and to give players a better sense of rewards as we implement more in-game purchases. They can use $GINTO to buy the in-game premium currency, Black Pearls.

Mumu’s Perlas Exchange

We have received a lot of feedback about the Perlas Exchange as a core Play and Earn mechanic. Starting Wednesday, players will notice a significant drop in the exchange rates for Perlas to $GINTO. We are really excited for this update as it will encourage new and old players to become more aggressive in buying Black Pearls for $GINTO.


Buying items $LARO and $GINTOBlack Pearls
Perlas to $GINTO ExchangePlayer can only use one Anting-Anting per dayPlayers can use up to 10 Anting-Anting per day in one transaction 
Anting-Anting dropsOne per dayOne drop per day for Adventure Mode + One drop per day for Tore ni Kan-Laon (total of 16 drops a week, including the x2 Anting-Anting drop on Thursdays)

Delisting of BUSD Anitos

As mentioned in our Discord, we are asking all players who have listed Anitos in BUSD to re-list them as $LARO in the marketplace.

That’s all folks!