Roll Call! We need you to list your Anito NFTs!

Dear AnitoFam,

The time has come! We need your help! We are searching far and wide into the Metaverse for people who have received genesis Anito airdrops in the past nine months (omg has it really been nine months since we released early access?). The bulk of these are part of our early beta testing rewards from way back February 2022.

If you are one of these special individuals (or know someone who has genesis Anitos in their Metamask wallet), the team is highly encouraging you to either play OR list these Anitos in our marketplace for our players to buy. The going rate now for a common Anito is almost guaranteed to be bought for 100 $LARO.

We’ve reached an awkward (but interesting!) milestone where demand is about to exceed supply thanks to good old word-of-mouth and Bring-A-Friend events on Discord. The team is mulling over several efforts such as the Summer Summoning Event but while this is happening, we really need more Anitos to be listed in the marketplace to meet demand.

To list your Anitos, simply follow this guide so you can get logged in to the DAPP and list.

We’d like to thank our community for helping spread the word about our game. In the short run, this is a slight hiccup but an otherwise good indicator that people really love our game.