May Summoning Event: Tiyanak Rate Up?!

Hi AnitoFam,

It’s May! We’re deep into Q2 and as we await the release of our Battle Pass and Season One, we would like to talk about a fun community event that we will be having soon.

Many players have been trying to summon the Tiyanak. For a limited time, we will be increasing the % rate of summon for this legendary Anito. Here are the mechanics:

The Anitos need to amass an army to defeat the Lagim in the upcoming Season One!

To increase Anito supply, we will be decreasing summoning time to 24-hours during this event. (Based on community feedback, who knows — maybe this can be a more permanent thing).

Players must list their Anitos. We will give a deadline for this listing (TBA!) and we wil increase the % rate for Tiyanak based on the number of pages the Anito Marketplace has. For instance, if each page gives a 5% increased chance to summon a Tiyanak, 5 pages of listings will give +25% summon rate above the standard rate.

After determining the % rate up, we will give a window of summoning (maybe 2-5 hours) where players can perform the Rite of Ipa Tawag with the new values for Tiyanak set in place.

Please refer to this page for base summoning chances for Tiyanak.

How can you summon a Tiyanak?

To refresh everyone’s memory:

0.5% base chance per summon

+0.5% per legendary

+% per previous summon

0 / 3 = +2% (PER ANITO)

1 / 3 = +1%

2 / 3 = +0.5%

Class stone negates Tiyanak chance

Total Tiyanak population is capped at 999

Example: If I have 2 Anitos with 0/3 summons, the chance for Tiyanak is 2% + 2% = 4% chance.

These chances will be added onto the additional % summon for the Tiyanak Summoning Event!

Dates to be announced!

We know that people will ask about the specific dates for this event series — from listing to summoning the Tiyanak. We will reveal more as the days come but definitely this is happening in this month of May 2023!