Get ready for Season One this May 24!

EDIT: We are moving our Season One launch to May 24 2023 due to an optimizartion issue with our API limits.

Greetings AnitoFam,

We’re excited to announce that, finally, we have a date for Season One! On May 24, 2023, we will release Season One: Lagim’s Reckoning. This means that both the Battle Pass and the new raid boss will be added to the game.

For players, the release of Season One is very meaningful. Since August ’22, players have been involved with testing out new builds in Adventure Mode, PvP, Raid, and Tore ni Kan-Laon. This time however, their efforts will be greatly rewarded with a huge cache of perlas that can help them farm for $GINTO.

How to prepare for Season One

If you’re part of the Anito-curious and have been wanting to jump into the game, now is a good time to start. Battle Pass missions and the new themed equipment will definitely help boost your levels to cruise through unlocking Play-And-Earn quickly. But if you’re starting from scratch or are an Anito newbie, here is a quick checklist to get started:

  1. Grab those Anitos! Check out the Anito Marketplace for affordable collectibles. You only need a team of three to start. For beginners or for those who do not want to spend too much, sna[tch up some 3/3 Anitos because those are the most affordable. You can snag a team for less than 150 $LARO these days — the equivalent of a fastfood meal. There are also dozens of available Tiyanak anito classes in the Anito Marketplace at good prices. Picking up a few will definitely help you negotiate the harder content in the game.
  2. Level up to 20 as fast as you can to unlock PvP and Raid modes as well as P&E. Take note of the days when XP gains are higher
  3. Refer to this beginner’s guide for more information about the game
  4. Refer to this Tore Ni Kan-Laon guide for maximum farming!

Enjoy the farm!

The team is really excited for this Season One milestone release. The process from early access to Season One is really like giving birth to something new — having 9 months in between these two milestones. That being said, we’re set to introduce even more game mechanics in the coming weeks after Season One. For our loyal fans, thank you for sticking around. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this first season! And to new players, enjoy the ride! May our game be an experience that gives you a smile everyday.