Cleanse Lakan Bakod and add him to the new upcoming gacha pull

Dear AnitoFam,

We have a huge surprise for you! As you know, Lakan Bakod, the Ancient Duende was not successfully pulled in the limited Duende gacha release many weeks ago. Anito Legends lore crafted a story around this unfortnuate incident as he succumbed to the Lagim and is now an in-game raid boss.

Good news! Lakan Bakod will return when the community defeats his Level 100 Raid Boss form before Season One ends. If this condition is met, the team will include him into the gacha pull roster for the next set of Anito class pulls!

Yup, you heard it right. With the influx of new players and heightened interest in the game, we’re introducing a new class that will surely shake up the meta once again. Stay tuned AnitoFam!