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Step 1

Purchase Anitos

You must own at least 3 Anito NFTs to start playing.

Step 2

Create a game account

Step 3

Install the game client

What is Anito Legends?

Battle your way to victory!

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic auto-battler wherein you are tasked to assemble a team of Anitos, customize their equipment and go on an adventure or battle with other players.

Play and earn

In Anito Legends, you can play to earn GINTO tokens. GINTO tokens can be used to purchase items from the Anito Legends marketplace.


  • Battles are automatically played!
  • Mix and match Anito classes for various effects!
  • Craft and equip powerful items to influence your strategy!

Adventure Mode (PvE)

  • Ascend the towers across Lupa and defeat the powerful Lagim
  • Loot Perlas and crafting materials to forge more powerful weapons and armor

Arena Mode (PvP)

  • Fight other players in the competitive arena!
  • Adapt to player strategies with unlimited loadout combinations!
  • Ascend the leaderboards to gain seasonal rewards!

Anito Care

  • Revive fallen Anitos from battle!
  • Farm items from quest rewards
  • Unlock charms from daily questing

The Anito classes


Stuck in one form, the Kiwig have learned to rely on their wiles and charm to survive.


The Sarangay are warm-hearted and hospitable, though they tend to be short-tempered.


The Siyokoy make up for their weakness on land with agility, delivering swift, often fatal blows.


Tikbalangs are naturally strong, and their muscular builds make them hard to wound.


The Duende look deceptively harmless, but they can do a lot of damage with the right company.


The Tiyanak are natural mercenaries and crafty fighters. They are rare, but once befriended become fierce and loyal allies.

Power up with Charms

Charms are special items that Anitos can equip to influence their statistics and the outcome of battles.

Each Anito comes with 3 Charm slots. These slots are initially locked. The speed of unlocking a Charm slot depends on the Anito's rarity: the rarer the Anito is, the faster they can unlock.


Increase ATK, DEF, and HP by 5 when no weapon and shield are equipped.


Reduce equipment weight by 50%.

Fast Hands

25% chance to gain an additional item drop (Tower Mode only).

Start playing Anito Legends!

Download and install the game client

Download the game client for your platform of choice and install it to your device. Your progress will be synced, so you can install the game to a different device later on and continue playing wherever you left off!


Anito Legends is a video game that is now available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Players need to purchase NFT assets to be able to play the game.

The game also utilizes $GINTO and $LARO tokens that can be bought for in-app purchases such as player cosmetics, equipment, summoning stones, and more. As of February 2 2023, we have launched both $LARO and $GINTO. Please be wary of scams and please help us report fake sites or links.

Anito Legends is a game that utilizes some 'play and earn' mechanics. It is not an investment opportunity nor is it an invitation to invest.