A short primer on the economy rework

GM AnitoFam!

After observing how the community interacts with our game, we have decided to do a complete overhaul of the in-game economy using $LARO and $GINTO. This rework has four goals: (1) simplify player experience with transactions in our DAPP, (2) minimize gas fees in $GINTO conversion, (3) totally remove gas fees for in-game items that can be bought (Arena tickets, Raid Tickets, etc), and (4) pave the way for our free-to-play version on the App Store and Play Store.

We are simplifying the economy by introducing a single premium currency:

The new token exchange rework


Not to be mistaken for Perlas, Black Pearls are the new premium currency that can be bought as a bundle on the Consumable Marketplace. This premium currency will serve as the main currency for buying items in the marketplace (raid tickets, arena tickets, battle pass, etc). This move was inspired by many mobile gacha games that sell premium currency in bundles.

Black Pearls bundles will have four choices – a “budget” pack where players exchange $GINTO, a “value” pack where players exchange $GINTO and $LARO, and the “better value” pack where players use only $LARO for a really good deal and a “whale pack” which has the best value among all the bundles but costs the most.

Since this is an off-chain item, the game can give these as rewards and prizes from community activities.


Gas fees involved in converting $GINTO was a huge pain point for players. We are addressing this by changing how players interact with the Anting-Anting. Before, players could only cash out one Anting-Anting a day. With this new update, players will be able to cash out a maximum of 10 Anting-Anting a day in one transaction. The maximum conversion per Anting-Anting is still limited by player level. For example, a level 40 player with 5 Anting-Anting can convert 200 $GINTO. A level 25 player with 10 Anting-Anting can convert a maximum of 250 $GINTO.

With the release of the Tore Ni Kan-Laon (The Tower of Kan-Laon), players can farm an additional Anting-Anting from this tower per day. That would mean if players grind both towers daily, the maximum number of Anting-Anting drops will total 16, including the x2 drop every Thursday. We believe that by making such changes, players will find the experience of converting Perlas to $GINTO more rewarding and less taxing on gas fees. 

We plan to release new game mechanics in the future that allow the maximum limit to be increased.

For a detailed summary, please check the March 24 update PDF file attached to our white paper.