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Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode

Earn as much Pearls in one run! The higher your level, the higher the rewards!

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Anito Legends

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Step 1

Step 1

Connect your MetaMask wallet to Anito Legends.

Step 1

Step 2

Purchase Anitos. You must own at least 3 Anitos to start playing.

Purchase Anitos
Step 2

Step 3

Create a player account.

Create Account
Step 3

Step 4

Download and install the client.

Download Client


Battle Your Way to Victory!

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic auto-battler. Assemble a team of Anitos, customize their equipment, go on adventures, and battle with other players!

Anito Legends running on various devices

Download Anito Legends

Download the game client for your platform of choice and install it to your device. Your progress will be synced, so you can install the game to a different device later on and continue playing wherever you left off!

How Do I Earn in Anito Legends?

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