Giorno’s Guide to Conquering Tore ni Kan-Laon

One of our community pillars, Giorno_Gldxp “Giorno” has come up with a guide to defeating Tore ni Kan-Laon, Anito Legends’ end game tower that can yield high rewards. Currently on early access, the tower is only available to a limited number of testers. Note: This tower is difficult for beginners as enemies are all equipped with status effects that get harder every 10 floors. As of this writing, the guide serves the first 30 floors (which is what is available on early access).

According to Giorno, he plays Anito Legends to be both creative and competitive — by finding new ways to finish content and not become, in his words, a “meta slave.”


Giorno has broken down enemies and their respective status effects per 10 floors.

Floors 1-10

  • Cosmic Lumot (slime) – 30HP / Burn
  • Cosmic Ngisi (one-eye) – 28HP / Poison
  • Cosmic Kuliti (one-eye flying) – 18HP / Confuse
  • Cosmic Talulot (rafflesia) – 30HP / Critical Rate Chance
  • Cosmic Riprap (golem) – 33 / Splash Damage

Floors 10-20

  • Cosmic Lumot (slime) – 45 / Burn
  • Cosmic Ngisi (one-eye) – 42 / Poison
  • Cosmic Kuliti (one-eye flying) – 27 / Confuse
  • Cosmic Talulot (rafflesia) – 45 / Critical Rate Chance
  • Cosmic Riprap (golem) – 50 / Splash Damage

Floors 20-30

  • Cosmic Lumot (slime) – 60 / Burn
  • Cosmic Ngisi (one-eye) – 56 / Poision
  • Cosmic Kuliti (one-eye flying) – 36 / Confuse
  • Cosmic Talulot (rafflesia) – 60 / Critical Rate Chance
  • Cosmic Riprap (golem) – 66 / Splash Damage


  • Frontline must include your Anito with highest HP / Defense. Also preferable if it is a Tikbalang due to the Resolute ability (resurrect with 1HP after being killed)
  • Must haves: Life steal / healing weapons as well as equipment with ‘Mend’ ability for both HP and Armor replenish
  • As this tower’s meta involves status effects, shoulder Armor should have abilities that reduce the effect of these ailments (Ceremonial Pauldrons, Lakapati’s Mantle, Ancient Armor, Hanan’s Glory — HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • For charms, Anito Resbak is a must for the backline Anito especially if you have a Tikbalang in front due to the procs from Resolute. Heart / Scale of Sina Una is a must for front line. Try to get stats maxed with the charms.


Giorno gives three types of teams that can finish a level 30 tower. These are BLOCK teams, ULT teams, and DODGE teams.


  • Easy to build for beginners because there are no seasonal equipment used
  • Block rate chance of 70% due to the help of the Dalikamata’s Grace Book
  • Life Steal Weapon for Front Anito for more survivability
  • Mend Weapon for Mid Anito to support entire team’s Armor (DEF)
  • Healing Weapon for Back Anito to support all healing HP
  • Dalikamata’s Grace Book used for Mid and Back Anito to give the Front higher chance to block damage.
  • For shield it is important to have high stats on the front line; choose any shield that has 30% block chance
  • For armor, choose Royal Armor for damage reduction while making sure Shoulders have status effect reduction


  • Absolutely must have the “Hiraya Book” for fast ULT charges
  • Make sure your Anito has Max 25 Attack
  • For gear, a combination of both Heal and Mend (similar to BLOCK team build)
  • Use AOE Splash damage weapons
  • As with the BLOCK team, have a sustainable frontline to tank incoming damage


  • Use the following Seasonal Equipment for Front Anito (72.5% dodge rate) w/ Tikbalang
    – Sungay ng Sina Una
    – Wreath Shield
    – Ceremonial Vest
    – Ceremonial Pauldrons
  • Mirth and Mischief Book for Mid and Back line Anito; sustain HP/Mend for Mid and Back Anitos
  • For Charms, use Anito Resbak to proc the Tikbalang at Front

Floor Pathway: If you build the teams right, you will not need Mend / Heal in the campfire. You must always go for DMG UP. The best defense is a strong offense!

And that’s it! There you have it. According to Giorno, he advises new players to just come in and enjoy the game before anything else. The Discord community is filled with tips and tricks.

Good luck, have fun!