Welcome to Season One

Greetings AnitoFam,

Welcome to Season One. It’s been about 9 months since we launched Anito Legends and almost 5 months since we introduced Play & Earn. Season One marks another huge milestone for the dev team and the community, because now, the stakes are higher. It’s been a healthy 9 months of unlocking content, defeating raid bosses, winning (and losing) in PvP, getting as far as possible in Adventure Mode, and summoning new Anitos to grow your army. Season One answers the question “Why are we doing all of this?”

Activate the Rewards Pool

With Season One, we introduce the rewards pool, which gives competitive players a percentage of the rewards contribution in both PvP and Raid Battles. There’s something for everyone.

For highly competitive players, PvP in the arena is one sure way to dominate the leaderboards and claim a huge percentage of the season’s reward pool. If competitive play isn’t your thing, there’s always Raid Battles, where the entire server splits reward pools by taking down two raid bosses (yes TWO – if your level is high enough to unlock the second!) by the end of the season. Higher level bosses give out more rewards.

We can now think of Adventure Mode as the place to farm equipment that will allow your Anitos to become stronger and more resilient in battle. The special Tore Ni Kan-Laon is now a more challenging tower that gives players more powerful crafting materials and blueprints.

Watch Master Kamote tackle the challenging but rewarding Tore ni Kan-Laon!

We can have a look at The Right of Ipa-Tawag as a way to summon new players into battle, giving the Anitos more allies to help bring down Raid Bosses faster or challenge other players in PvP. We’ve actually seen players take on the summoning ritual as a career in the Anitoverse, inspiring us to look into different “jobs” that players can enter into while playing the game (More on this in the future — exciting times ahead!).

Battle Pass Unveiled

Together with Season One, we launch the Battle Pass and Missions. The Battle Pass has two tiers, a free pass and a paid tier that unlocks more rewards. The Battle Pass gives access to exclusive Lagim Equipment as well as other in-game rewards. Missions are achievements that players can unlock to increase their Battle Pass XP level faster.


The launch of Season One shows that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a casual player, an achievement hunter, a guild member that wants to take down bosses, a summoner, or a competitive player in PvP.

If you’re new to Anito Legends, you can check out our Beginner’s Guide. You can also join our Discord channel and engage with our very helpful community members.