Welcome to Anito Survivors and v1.1.6

Hey AnitoFam,

A few days ago we launched Anito Survivors with v1.1.5. As we are currently in between seasons, we’ve been focused on improving the gameplay experience for Anito Survivors, a new game mode that is accessible to players from the beginning. They will also need just one Anito to play.

The introduction of Anito Survivors is the start of our vision to become more than just an autobattler. Don’t get us wrong — the core game mechanics of Adventure Mode, PvP, and Raid are definitely pillars of the Anito Legends experience. But as we expand the franchise to introduce new game modes, we aim to have “something for everyone.” We dub this experience as The Anitoverse!

For Anito Survivors v1.1.6 we would like to clarify how Anito abilities translate to this new game experience.

  • Tikbalang – Resolute: auto revive after death with 1 HP
  • Sarangay – Knockback: pushes mobs away from character when attacking
  • Siyokoy – Crit Chance: higher base damage vs mobs
  • Kiwig – Weight Loss: increased speed from the start of the round
  • Tiyanak – Magnet: pulls XP stones towards the character
  • Duende – Luck: enemies drop more XP stones, chests. and healing potions compared to other classes
  • Alan – Blink: short distance teleportation within the map

If you’re reading this before the 22nd, then it means we’ve yet to release Alan, our latest class. Alan will launch on September 22 2023.