Enter Amomongo

Hey AnitoFam,

The Anito Legends team strives to bring the very best experience to players. In the past year, we’ve rewarded players with in-game items such as Black Pearls, in-game tickets, and even Anito NFTs in our Discord chat. But our community wanted more! Challenging the leaderboards and engaging with our community on Discord to become a pillar are feats in themselves and we wanted to reward players who contribute to the game. One suggestion was to have exclusive NFT assets made for these pillars. We thought long and hard about this. As a result, we are introducing an exclusive NFT class — the Amomongo.

This is a special Anito class. Amomongo cannot be summoned. They are legendary Anito classes that have all three charm slots unlocked from the start. They also possess the Genesis glow. But they also contain a special ability — the Legendary Quest. Every 48 hours, Amomongo can bring home Anting-Anting. Essentially, they’re an Anting-Anting generator.

This special class is airdropped to community pillars — volunteers and streamers who have helped spread the word about the game. They are also given to season leaderboard chart toppers.

A number of Amomongo are customized. Here is one given to streamer MK with a “kamote” brain.

We’re looking forward to opening Amomongo up to new abilities as we progress. The community has always been our guidepost moving forward, so definitely we will be listening to Team AnitoFam as we improve Amomongo and the rest of our collection.