Welcome to Season 3: The Halloween Update

Hello AnitoFam! It’s been a while but we’re back and ready for Season 3, which includes our Halloween update! This update will go live on October 31. Please note that maintenance tomorrow will be a little longer — we are starting at 9AM to 6PM. So if you are doing quests, please schedule them beforehand.

The Battlepass extends past level 20 with additional surprises for those who “over level.”

What’s new in 1.1.8?

  1. Season 3 starts on October 31 and will end on December 15.
  2. Season 3 Battle Pass! This time, players can unlock Rite of Ipa Likha equipment parts and exclusive parts for the premium track. Halloween parts are available too, only during the Season! The Battle Pass has also been extended beyond Tier 20–unlock to find out!
  3. Happy Halloween! The game lobby is now Halloween themed with day and night versions. The day/night cycle will now be a standard within the game lobby moving forward.
  4. Feral Tiyanaks! This new Adventure Mode twist will allow players to fight Feral Tiyanaks and get more Epic Chest drops. Beware though, for the Tiyanaks have Ambush! Epic Chests will also drop Survivor Mode tickets too!
  5. Survivor Mode Leaderboard! For the competitive players who enjoy being at the top! Players are now ranked by their Survivor Points. Survivor Points are computed based on the number of kills and time spent in a Survivor Mode round. Kills / Time (secs) x 100
  6. Mangkukulam Raid Boss! Can you beat the new Raid Boss Mangkukulam with his minions, the Voodoo Doll and Higante? Bring your best Anito Raid Team and find out!
  7. Imbued Equipment Batch 2! Check out the new Ipa Likha equipment, which you can craft and mint via the Rite of Ipa Likha page!
  • Luminous Faith
  • Refined Scepter
  • Golden Naginata
  • Haunted Battle Axe
  • Parol Shield
  • Royal Armor
  • Keso de Bola Shield
Feral Tiyanaks abound Adventure Mode towers!

Other Changes:

  • Survivor Mode stats are now included in the Lobby >> Stats panel
  • Survivor Mode balances and tweaks – Fixed NPC swarming and character leveling up
  • Anito Token ID is now viewable in the Anito’s Lobby profile
  • New Halloween-themed Loading Screen!
  • Added missing sound effects for the new Anito classes
  • Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • We have successfully migrated from BSC to Polygon