10 Guilds. 2,000,000 $LARO prize pool

10 GUILDS. 2 MILLION $LARO PRIZE POOL. That’s a guaranteed 200,000 $LARO per guild. Welcome to Anito Legends: Guild Battles – where everyone comes home a winner!

We can hear the Web3 gaming bull run coming — so let’s help hasten it! Presenting Guild Battles: we’re giving guilds the opportunity to shine by completing in-game activities to win rewards.

Ten chosen guilds will be able to take home 200k $LARO each. The top 3 guilds that finish first wll be given additional prizes!

Are you a guild leader or representative? Sign up here!

Timeline of events:

Now until December 13: guild sign up and vetting. A guild leader or representative must register using the form below (including the UID of player-members). The Anito Legends team will vet all submissions. A guild submission should have at least 30 members (no maximum limit).

December 15: Through their players, guilds will complete various in-game activities. These are very similar to the daily and weekly quests we currently have implemented with the Battle Pass. Accepted guilds will have to be part of our Discord server where an exclusive channel will be made to validate guild activities.

January 15 2024: Guilds that have completed all activities will receive their share of $LARO. Please give the team 10-15 days to validate all activities.


Can Free to Play guild players join?

Yes they may but there are some activities that will require blockchain transactions such as summoning and burning of Anitos.

Can guild members be added / switched?

Yes. Guild representatives simply have to add their UID into the spreadsheet.

How are guilds chosen?

There are several quantitative and qualitative factors, but one outstanding criteria is their current contribution to the Anito Legends community.