Welcoming the Lunar New Year with v1.2.4

Hey AnitoFam! We have our annual Lunar New Year update dropping today. As such the game will be on maintenance from 1PM to 5PM (GMT+8) What’s new in version 1.2.4?

  1. Anito Legends 2024 Lunar Celebration! Check out the new Lobby and new equipment!
  • Dragon Axe (Heavy weapon, ATK 7-12, +30% crit chance)
  • Dragon Crescent (Long weapon, ATK 9-11, Splash damage)
  • Dragon Butterfly (Short weapon, ATK 6-9, Lightweight)
  • Dragon Lantern (Staff, ATK 5-8, Burn, Ult: Burn All)
  • Dragon Pauldrons (Shoulder Armor, DEF 4-6, if set: resist Confusion)
  • Dragon Mail (Body Armor, DEF 5-7, if set: resist Confusion)
  1. QoL updates:
  • We brought back the swipe/scroll gesture in the Lobby which is especially useful for players who play on a smartphone
  • We added Anito nameplate backgrounds
  1. More optimizations and miscellaneous bug fixes! As we gear up for our upcoming Google Play Store and Apple App Store launch, we’ve been thoroughly optimizing the game in preparation for a solid release!