Staking rewards survey and discussion

Hey AnitoFam,

The team has just finished launching Anito Legends on Play Store. Since our launch we have received a new demographic of players discovering Anito Legends for the first time.

We’re going to be shifting tones a bit and move back to our Web3 players to talk about something that has always been in discussion — staking.

We will be holding a townhall in our Discord server sometime next week. The discussion will be staking mechanics. Here are questions to ponder on:

  1. Should staking be for both $LARO and $GINTO
  2. What sort of in-game rewards can be given for each token holding? (Think of it like a monthly subscription for gacha games where players get cool stuff)
  3. A tiered-reward system for staking: stretch goals for staking rewards

Please have a think about these questions (we are open to more suggestions of course) for a more thorough discussion in the next town hall meeting.

Staking is happening!