Holding Rewards FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions for the new holding mechanics (Updated Regularly)

What are the current holding rewards like and can these change?

At launch for S04 we are looking at:

1 $LARO = 10 Perlas

1 $GINTO = 0.1 XP

Players have asked which is better — and it would all depend on your goals. Do note though that level 40 and 50 players do get advantages in converting more tokens.

Level 40s, Enjoy Your Rewards! Revel in x2 exchange rates tailored just for you.

Level 50 Legends, It’s Your Turn! Benefit from a whopping x3 exchange rate. The higher you climb, the better it gets!


Is this similar to staking?

Not really. Staking implies a lock in. Players do not need to lock in their $LARO or $GINTO and can remove them anytime.

When can we claim rewards?

Players can only claim after 24 hrs of holding. If they remove the tokens from their wallet before the 24 hr cutoff, they don’t get the rewards. If they add tokens, they only get rewards based from the last snapshot.