Anito Legends v1.0.8: Late Summer Event, MK Equipment, Missions Update, increased rewards, and more!

Hi AnitoFam, we’re super late for summer, but yes if you’re from the Philippines where our dev team is based, it still counts as beach time is anytime! We have a ton of new updates for game including a new equipment mechanic — TAUNT!

New Features

  1. Summer Seasonal Event! We’ve re-themed the game with a brand new Summer look. Better late than never!
  2. Master Kamote Equipment set – to recognize one of our official content creators! Also introducing a new mechanic–Taunt! Anitos with Taunt will always be attacked first, negating turn sequence and other abilities. MK’s equipment will be treated as a seasonal blueprint. After the season is over, the set can be acquired through Tore Ni Kan-Laon.
  3. Tiyanak food items! Now you can feed those cuties!
  4. We’ve added more Missions to the Battle Pass! Check ’em out!
  5. For the really competitive players, we’ve increased the rewards for Arena Diamond and Platinum tiers!
  6. By popular demand, you can now multi-sell in Nino’s Shop! Select up to 10 different items and sell all at once. Please note that this is currently in beta, and we will be increasing the amount gradually.
  7. We’ve replaced the silhouette Anitos in the Arena with a question mark. This time, players have no info whatsoever about hidden Anitos from Arena teams.
  8. You can now change your account password anytime, no need to send us a support ticket. Passwords can be changed via the Login Screen. A gentle reminder to please keep your passwords safe.
  9. We’ve added a Stats Page within the Settings Popup so that you can get a quick overview of how you’re doing in the Land of Lupa.
  10. Fixed Battle Pass layout issues on mobile.
  11. Fixed bug where Lagim Avatar does not appear during Battle.
  12. Miscellaneous bug fixes reported from our last release.

Beach Themed Lobby

Check out our new lobby looks! As the Philippines is known for having the best sunsets and beaches, we have different versions of the lobby as the time changes!

For those curious about the lobby backgrounds, the team has implemented a varying sun position with the following times based on your local device’s time, not server time:

  • Evening: 10PM – 6AM
  • Morning: 6AM – 2PM
  • Sunset: 2PM – 10PM

For the record, this is also a momentous occasion with MK’s gear release. MK has been an unbiased supporter of our game ever since we launched our white paper concept in 2021. Since then he has been supportive and critical of our every step. We are forever thankful to him as a content creator partner. The release of his seasonal gear set marks our commitment to other content creators who wish to collaborate with us in the future.

The only way to go from here is up!