What’s new in Season Two

Hey AnitoFam,

We just completed our AMA last night to talk about the current state of the game. This included the learnings from Season One, addressing the bugs from our forced migration, and how we are implementing our learnings towards Season Two.

Season Two brings about new game mechanics as we re-introduce The Rite of Ipa-Alam and soon after, The Rite of Ipa-Likha. This latter is a core game element that allows players to craft NFT equipment for end-game play.

New Raid Boss: Manaul

There are many myths surrounding the deity Manaul. Responsible for the war between the sky and water deities, King Manaul was imprisoned by King Tubluck Lawi. After mounting a daring escape and scouring the skies for years, he was able to finally land when another regent, King Kaptan hurled many rocks into the sky to target Manaul. These rocks missed and today form the modern islands of the Philippines.

The Aswang Project provides an engaging account of the battle between King Manaul and King Tubluck.

The new raid boss Manaul makes use of the weight mechanic. As the Anitos venture forth to discover new lands, they build a skyship and take to the skies. Unfortunately, this is the domain of vengeful Manaul who attacks the Anitos as he does not want to be bound by huge chains once more.

The Anitos struggle to keep the ship above the clouds and must manage the weight of their equipment to face Manaul more effectively. The weight of each Anito will factor into damage and hit rate.

Weight Mechanics Per Anito Team (the total weight of 3 Anitos):

  • 300 or less = normal damage
  • 301 to 500 = 25% chance to miss
  • 501 to 700 = 50% chance to miss
  • 701 to 900 = 75% chance to miss
  • 901 and above = 100% miss

For Season 2 we wanted to highlight an often overlooked in-game mechanic — weight. This will make Kiwig’s Weight Loss, the anti-gravity charm, Haunted Equipment (from 2022’s Halloween Event), the Monk charm, as well as other overlooked equipment shine in this season.

New Class: Alan

Hey, it’s Alan! Pronounced with a stress on the letter “L” the Alan are mythical creatures that resemble huge birds. Although some tales say they are kind in nature, they also belong to that category of tales mothers tell their children so they behave because ‘Alan might eat you.’

Another characteristic of the Alan is the inverted feet. So yes, it was pointed out during our teasers that the feet were inverted and might be an error with our graphics department. But, it’s not!

The Alan will be available via gacha box. Unlike previous releases, we are going for the true gacha mechanics and will only offer one box with the % chance for common, epic, and legendary variants. We will be updating the community on the actual percentages for full transparency once we do this sale. Worry not, we are making this quite affordable and accessible for everyone!

New Battle Pass and Equipment

We’re introducing a lot more customization for player avatars and frames with Season Two. We’re also introducing weapons and armor inspired by the Bukidnon region. The ‘Sky World’ is apparently well-documented in the Bukidnon mythology annals so we wanted to bring these items into the game for players to discover and enjoy.

Jar Spirit

Inspired by games like Persona and Diablo, we’re introducing a rare creature called the Jar Spirit. We took its likeness from the classic Filipino horror movie ‘Lalabas Na Ang Halimaw sa Banga’ (The Monster is Coming Out of the Jar).

The Jar Spirit drops Black Pearls, but is very elusive. Players will need to find ways to tackle this tough monster before it runs away.

The Rite of Ipa-Likha

We are launching the second part of The Rite of Ipa-Alam this season two. The Rite of Ipa-Likha (The Rite of Crafting) will launch within the month of August 2023. Players who have received souls from burning Anitos can use them, together with certain legendary weapons to imbue them with the spirits of their ancestors. These imbued weapons are minted as NFTs and will form part of Anito Legends’ endgame content.

Every item will have three aesthetic parts that players can mix and match to personalize their NFT weapon. Players can collect more parts through ranking the leaderboards, completing achievements, participating in events (both in-game and IRL), and by buying some from the marketplace.

We are attaching a quick guide to the number of crafting materials needed for the starting NFT equipment. More will be added in the future. “Base Equipment” refers to the number of legendary weapons you will need to sacrifice. In a previous blog post we also covered the rewards for burning genesis and Ancient Anitos (don’t!).

Other Updates

  • Level cap is still 40 but players can now earn XP beyond Level 40 (but won’t level up yet). So if you’re level 40, just keep going! Your level will adjust once we open up the progression past 40.
  • Raid Mode Chest rewards are only available to Battle Pass holders (previously, everyone can claim these rewards)
  • Increased rewards for Battle Pass tracks, both Free and Premium
  • Exclusive NFT weapon crafting parts for PVP leaderboards
  • Other fun surprises we hid around the game! Tweet when you notice them!