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  • What’s new in Season Two

    What’s new in Season Two

    Season Two brings about new game mechanics as we re-introduce The Rite of Ipa-Alam and soon after, The Rite of Ipa-Likha. This latter is a core game element that allows players to craft NFT equipment for end-game play.

  • Rite of Ipa-Alam Burning Rewards Breakdown

    Rite of Ipa-Alam Burning Rewards Breakdown

    Translated to “The Rite of Farewell,” this is the final journey of Anitos from the Land of Lupa into the great unknown waters. Weary Anito veterans can join their fellow ancestors by paying the ferryman. In exchange, the ferryman will send back new crafting materials and Anito souls which can be used for crafting on-chain…

  • An Overview of $GINTO Utility

    An Overview of $GINTO Utility

    Hi AnitoFam, The updates just don’t stop! We recently launched both Season One and v1.0.8 which included MK’s set items and the summer update. In our next release coming this July, we will provide the much requested utility for $GINTO. Briefly, $GINTO will be used for in-game activities: The Rite of Ipa-Alam Translated to “The…