Warning: Compromised Discord Channel

UPDATE (8:30AM October 16 2023): We are still working with Discord to regain control of our account. Please do not engage with the channel.

Hey AnitoFam,

Earlier tonight, our Discord server was hacked. The core team members have been removed. We are trying to regain access to the server. In the meantime, please do not engage with any of the “mods” or team members who claim to be us. The core team and mods have been removed.

Hacker is currently impersonating accounts. THIS IS FAKE. Please do not engage with this acount or any mod accounts.

We would like to thank our partner guilds and communities for helping us share the word. The hacker deleted the local PH chat as well as other lounges where the community usually hangs out. Discord community regulars will know something is wrong. Members who have called out the hacking group have been kicked.

That being said, the game is still playable. Players will still be able to play Anito Legends. Just please do not engage with our Discord channel as of late.

Thank you.