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  • Anito Legends is now Free to Play

    Anito Legends is now Free to Play

    Anito Legends is now Free to Play. This is not a separate game. Free to Play will exist within the same Anitoverse as NFT Anitos. We recently launched this new feature during the week of W3GS 2023 in Manila.

  • Migration to Polygon

    Migration to Polygon

    We have started the process of migration to Polygon. Here are the new addresses for Anitos, Duende, and Ipa-Likha Weapons.

  • The path forward

    The path forward

    Hello AnitoFam, Around dinner time yesterday, Oct 15 2023, our Discord server was compromised via social engineering. The hackers immediately removed all the moderators and project owners and impersonated the core team. They then initiated a typical scam token drop for 24 hours. Thanks to the swift actions of our community managers and guild representatives,…

  • Warning: Compromised Discord Channel

    Warning: Compromised Discord Channel

    UPDATE (8:30AM October 16 2023): We are still working with Discord to regain control of our account. Please do not engage with the channel. Hey AnitoFam, Earlier tonight, our Discord server was hacked. The core team members have been removed. We are trying to regain access to the server. In the meantime, please do not…

  • The Move to Polygon

    The Move to Polygon

    Dear AnitoFam, As discussed in a number of AMA’s and in our recent Town Hall, we have made the srtategic decision to move chains from BSC to Polygon. There are many reasons for this, but the main driver is opportunity that it provides in the space in the realm of partnerships, especially here in the…

  • Get ready for Season One this May 24!

    Get ready for Season One this May 24!

    We’re excited to announce that, finally, we have a date for Season One! On May 19, 2023, we will release Season One: Lagim’s Reckoning. This means that both the Battle Pass and the new raid boss will be added to the game.

  • Win Anito Digital Collectibles with MetaverseGo’s Wen Lambo Campaign

    Win Anito Digital Collectibles with MetaverseGo’s Wen Lambo Campaign

    Hey AnitoFam, If you have friends who have been wanting to try out our game, they may want to check out our partnership with MetaverseGo. We’re raffling off … *checks notes* more than 100 Anito NFT collectibles in their ‘Wen Lambo’ campaign. To join, proceed to their site and click on START PLAYING to enter…

  • The New Economy: BUSD and $LARO (Part I)

    The New Economy: BUSD and $LARO (Part I)

    Hi AnitoFam! Ever since we launched v1.0, we have been observing player behavior in both the Anito Marketplace as well as the consumable marketplace. We have also been listening carefully to player feedback as they navigated these marketplaces. One such feedback is the purpose of $LARO in summoning and listing Anitos for sale. Currently, the…

  • The Valentine’s Update v1.0.1

    Welcome to the confusion meta Happy Valentine’s Day, AnitoFam! Today’s update is a love letter to players who have been with us for a while. Thanks to the community’s bug reporting, we were able to fix the login issues for players with more than 18 Anitos. We have also raised the maximum level to 30,…

  • Valentine’s Day Update Preview

    All hearts day is coming next week so we wanted to give our players a sneak peek into a couple of things they can expect. Mumu can speak! For one, we are adding a QoL feature to Mumu so you can see the Perlas to $GINTO exchange rate without having to visit the exchange page What’s Valentine’s Day…