Anito Legends is now available on Google Play Store

After building for three years in the blockchain space, Anito Legends joins a club of Web3 games that have made strides by launching in more mainstream platforms. It was only in January 2024 that Anito Legends launched on Epic Games Store, increasing player count by more than 100%. According to Jayvee Fernandez, Chief Marketing Officer of Gawang Ginto Inc, the studio behind Anito Legends, “Despite already launching on day one for Windows and Mac OS in 2022, the move to Epic Games validated the team’s intuition that distribution platforms for games would be accepting of blockchain in general.”

“It’s a great year for Web3 games,” Fernandez continues. “We’re exiting a long crypto winter where the team faced several challenges. But here we are, three years since we launched our game and we’ve made strides in bringing blockchain games to more people.”

Anito Legends is currently on Early Access on the Google Play Store. For players, future updates will no longer be via APK downloads on the website, but through the Play Store itself.

“It’s not easy to re-integrate a game to serve both Web3 and the more traditional or mainstream gamers,” Fernandez continues. “We spent months recalibrating in-game elements to satisfy Google’s policies on blockchain gaming and listing on the Play Store. I have seen no other game similar in structure to ours. We have the competitive advantage of being veterans in the casual game industry, so working with Google and yes, Apple, play to our strengths.”

As of this writing, it may take some time for the game to propagate the listing on the Play Store but you can directly download Anito Legends using this link: