Anito Market

Anito Rarity

There are three tiers for Anito rarity: common, epic, and legendary.

Each rarity tier carries the following distinctions:

  • Appearance
  • Charm slot unlocks
  • Rarity of summons

Advice from the founders: all Anitos are viable for play. Epics and Legendaries can save you a bit of time by earning their Charm slots faster, but Commons can be just as powerful in a toe-to-toe (to-claw-to-hoof?) fight! When in doubt, go for the Anitos that look coolest to you!


An Anito's appearance is dictated by its class and its rarity. Each class (with few exceptions) has a separate set of body parts for each rarity tier.

Common parts are usually simple and have one or two colors.

Epic parts have fancier hair and tail styles, and can use themed materials like gold or a plushy toy.

Legendary parts are elaborate, detailed, and flashy.

Charm slot unlocks

Charms are special items that grant additional buffs to Anitos that equip them. These charms take up slots that must be unlocked by interacting with an Anito every day.

Depending on the Anito's rarity, a new slot will become available for use after a set number of days of interaction, to a maximum of 3 slots.

It will take this long to unlock a new charm slot for each rarity tier:

  • Common Anitos: 30 days
  • Epic Anitos: 20 days
  • Legendary Anitos: 10 days

For related information, please refer to the Gacha box page in our white paper.

Rarity of summons

A summoned Anito's rarity is based on the rarity of its two "parent" summoning Anitos.

Notably, a Legendary Anito is required to have a chance of summoning a new Legendary Anito via the Rite of Ipa Tawag.

For further details, please refer to the Summoning page in our white paper.