• The Move to Polygon

    The Move to Polygon

    Dear AnitoFam, As discussed in a number of AMA’s and in our recent Town Hall, we have made the srtategic decision to move chains from BSC to Polygon. There are many reasons for this, but the main driver is opportunity that it provides in the space in the realm of partnerships, especially here in the…

  • Enter Amomongo

    Enter Amomongo

    Hey AnitoFam, The Anito Legends team strives to bring the very best experience to players. In the past year, we’ve rewarded players with in-game items such as Black Pearls, in-game tickets, and even Anito NFTs in our Discord chat. But our community wanted more! Challenging the leaderboards and engaging with our community on Discord to…

  • SPEED UP your summons with $GINTO

    SPEED UP your summons with $GINTO

    We have added a new feature for players who would like to speed up their summoning. For every 100 $GINTO spent, players can speed up summoning by 12 hours (200 $GINTO for 24 hours and so on). To do this, players simply need to check their inventory and will see a new SPEED UP icon…

  • Welcome to Anito Survivors and v1.1.6

    Welcome to Anito Survivors and v1.1.6

    Hey AnitoFam, A few days ago we launched Anito Survivors with v1.1.5. As we are currently in between seasons, we’ve been focused on improving the gameplay experience for Anito Survivors, a new game mode that is accessible to players from the beginning. They will also need just one Anito to play. The introduction of Anito…

  • v1.1.4 Anniversary Release

    v1.1.4 Anniversary Release

    Hi AnitoFam! We’re celebrating our 1st year anniversary with a new update. It’s small but meaty, because we are increasing the level cap to 50! This allows players to exchange 500 $GINTO per day at player level 50. v1.1.4 Changelog: We’ve also released a quick “State of Anito Legends” where we break down the total…

  • 1st Year Anniversary Celebration!

    1st Year Anniversary Celebration!

    Has it really been one year since we launched? We’ve lined up A LOT of exciting giveaways this whole week: discounts, freebies, and other surprises!

  • Rite of Ipa Likha v1.1.3 Patch Notes

    Rite of Ipa Likha v1.1.3 Patch Notes

    What’s new in version 1.1.3: Rite of Ipa Likha is here! Tons of bug fixes and QoL updates!

  • The Rite of Ipa Likha – Craft NFT Weapons by Burning $GINTO and Anitos

    The Rite of Ipa Likha – Craft NFT Weapons by Burning $GINTO and Anitos

    Imbued weapons are more powerful version of Anito equipment and are on-chain. They are the only way to access the upcoming Sky Tower and will also have a level requirement for use. We will be introducing new game mechanics for these Imbued weapons down the line.

  • A note on banned Anito NFT assets

    A note on banned Anito NFT assets

    As we approach our first year in the market, we have recorded an unprecedented amount of growth in player engagement. Although an overwhelming majority of our players are well-behaved, it goes with the territory to have some agents who intend to manipulate the game through exploits.

  • What’s new in Season Two

    What’s new in Season Two

    Season Two brings about new game mechanics as we re-introduce The Rite of Ipa-Alam and soon after, The Rite of Ipa-Likha. This latter is a core game element that allows players to craft NFT equipment for end-game play.

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